Essay on The Principle of Water Ethics

Essay on The Principle of Water Ethics

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What is water ethics? Water ethics tells us that we are responsible for the existence of water. We are the ones that manage the water that surrounds us every day. Whether we value water or not it is still a huge part of the survival of our planet. We must first explain the purpose and importance of water. Why is it so important? Well healthy water carries nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Our bodies depend on water to maintain good healthy body temperatures as well as supplying us with these nutrients and minerals. Our environment is in dying need of water as well. Wetlands keep rivers and ground water systems healthy and play a huge role in reducing the severity of floods and act as a sink for greenhouse gases. Animals in the wild are in need of water to survive to. They need water just as much as we do.
We abuse water in the United States because we are never without it but what we don’t realize is that Water is a scarce resource and it’s clear that humanity is facing a critical water crisis. There are more than 2000 million people affected by water shortages in over 40 countries. As population continues to increase, the situation will only get worse. The resources that are available to us are getting highly polluted by human and industrial waste and effecting economically. Many big lakes and rivers are being seriously polluted and half of the wetlands in the world are disappearing. Water Bourne diseases have been a leading source of death because 7 million people don’t have access to clean pure water. We need to conserve as much water as possible because there are thousands of people in the world that are dying of dehydration which is actually a major cause of illness in the world.
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... we all contribute in helping conserve water then we can make a huge difference for the environment. About 75 percent of water in Tampa bay is being used indoors. Indoor activities such as flushing the toilet, showering, using the washing machine and letting faucets run are major factors in Tampa bay’s water wastes. Some solutions would be turning off r faucets while brushing your teeth or cleaning dishes and Limiting your showers from five minutes instead of 20.Outdoor alternatives may be checking sprinklers and spigots for leaks, in case you use garden hoses install a shutoff nozzle which will adjust to flow where water is needed and water your grass of course but only when there are signs of wilt. Overall we must conserve as much water as possible to secure us with clean pure water for many years to come. Let’s recycle and care about our water ethic in Tampa Bay!

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