The Prevelence of Corruption in Various Facets of Today's Society Essay

The Prevelence of Corruption in Various Facets of Today's Society Essay

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Corruption refers to the use of public goods or power for the benefit of an individual or a group of people. Referring to what the definition says, a corruption situation could occur in an organization that is actively handling money, and the people who are responsible of managing it within the institution take advantage of it for personal purposes. Corruption is a problem that occurs worldwide but it is more common in some countries than in others. It is more likely to happen in poorer countries.
Regarding Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre, corruption most of the times happen because some people are willing to use illegal ways to increase individual or corporate profit. For being a corrupt person, the actions have to be done in purpose. Furthermore, even living circumstances which can prevent people from being involved in such activities they are not discouraged from these, and continue with their illicit purposes. According to the last studies in 2010 by the anti-corruption agency (Transparency International) 178 countries were studied, 57 had serious corruption problems and 73 of them had “rampant” corruption (Lash & Batavia 2013, p. 1). Moreover, corruption has several impacting events that can slower the economy growth of a country, decrease the investment and make it difficult for other countries to invest in the countries where corruption is occurring.
We are going to take as an example possible ways of corruption in a nonprofit organization. In this organization there is a political structure that allows it to function properly. There is a president or director, a department of administration and the staff who deal with the customers.
Even when the corruption problems could happen in every department, this t...

... middle of paper ...

...oducing them and they can be remained by putting special boards or papers in the walls. What is more, it is better to have an independent judiciary system to control and assess the damages if a corruption case has occurred. Similarly, the consequences of breaking the rules have to be strong and appropriate to what the person has done.
As seen in recent studies, a lack of property rights is one of the most issues that encourage corruption. Hence, it is essential for the different countries to provide property rights in order to enhance honesty, transparency and integrity between the employers and employees.
Finally, the more the Government spends the less corruption is going to be. Also, the less intrusive the Government is and the more it protects the property rights, the more the corruption is going to decrease and the more the rules are going to be followed.

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