Analysis Of Pageland, The Watermelon Capital Of The World

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Corruption is commonly defined as “being dishonest or illegal behavior, especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers)” according to However, although defined, corruption cannot be measured. Without measurement of this ten letter word, it becomes troubling within jurisdiction’s law abiding citizens live in. As a result, hysteria, panic and doubts arise which are only a few out many reactions the public makes. With the press only stirring greater chaos, corruption is never completely solved, which is why it must be confronted and measured before it’s too late. If not it’ll only continue to linger throughout media headlines and forums, but also the society, it conclusively affected and left a mark on for example, Pageland, SC. Commonly referred as the “Watermelon Capital of the World” due to its famous and greatly attended Annual Watermelon Festival, Pageland was able to map itself from such recognition. However, living in such a small but everyday growing town, the Watermelon Festival could only do so much for Pageland and it’s less than 3000 Carolinians. With a couple notable athletes and future prodigies getting past the less than 5 square mile radius, Pageland not only was able to produce success from the only high school it funded, but also…show more content…
As notable and greatly appreciated the Chief of Police, Larry Brown was, there was something peculiar about him which is still seen till today. Yet despite obvious and peculiar observations, it took time for many to realize it which led to his possible first investigation a few years before his actual recognized investigation. However, although his actual “first investigation” is quite seen only as gossip and untraceable to any hard evidence, the idea of corruption from Pageland’s police chief was on the

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