Essay on The Presidential Race 2016 Talk : It 's Everywhere !

Essay on The Presidential Race 2016 Talk : It 's Everywhere !

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I really do not like to discuss politics, but one cannot keep away from all the campaign ads and all the presidential race 2016 talk: it’s everywhere! Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were already polarizing figures to begin with, but with the rise of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook – both candidates now seem larger than life. As noted by Smith (2016) there are approximately 310 Million monthly active users in twitter alone. Therefore, Twitter seems to be a good avenue for politicians to get their message across and target those potential undecided voters that rely on twitter as a means of information gathering and persuade them. According to Parmelee & Bichard (2012), “using twitter to bypass traditional media and directly reach voters is definitely a good thing” (p. 12). Twitter also provides candidates the opportunity to express themselves unfiltered and unaltered by others, such as news media (Parmelee & Bichard, 2012). Furthermore, “strategic use of Twitter can increase the amount of press coverage that a politician gets. Journalists often follow the politicians they cover, so tweets that include newsworthy information can lead to a story in traditional media outlets” (Parmelee & Bichard, 2012, p. 12). Speaking of newsworthy information, nearly two weeks ago, this following news almost broke the Internet:

Political parties, news media outlets, and the American people reacted differently when the news broke and the majority of people made their voices heard on Twitter. The audio leak caused ridicule and backlash worldwide. Trump faced opposition from Democrats (other organization), and the media, but also his own party (his own organization).

The impact this news had on Donald Trump and the Republican Pa...

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...cted by private companies or retailers will upsurge and this is highly concerning. One can expect to see more adds while social networking in Twitter and this I am afraid could turn a lot of people away from social networking altogether. I’m afraid, for instance that young teenagers may be targeted and persuaded to make purchases using their parents’ credit cards. Furthermore, one can expect an increase in the amount of accounts being hacked or compromised. My Christian worldview makes it crystal clear for me, Twitter or social media altogether, is a means of communication that can be utilized to further His Kingdom. Scripture tells us to, “set our minds on things above, not on earthly things” (Colossians 3:2, New International Version). Therefore we, as followers of Christ, have to be prudent and use this type of technology wisely and not fall in secular habits.

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