Presidential Debate : Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Essay

Presidential Debate : Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Essay

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Presidential Debate: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
The very first debate, out of the three that have been scheduled for the presidential nominees for the United States of America, has been completed. The participants striving for presidential gain, Republican nominee, Donald Trump and Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, began their journey of debates at the Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The debate was moderated by the NBC News anchor of “NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt. The topics of discussion consisted of (1) their thoughts on how to achieve prosperity in America; (2) the direction they think America should be going in; and (3) the candidates’ thoughts on how the security of America should be obtained.
All the topics discussed were very important and detrimental to our country in becoming a proven success for us to prosper and maintain financial stability for our families. Although, to me, all the topics tie into one another, and the success of all is dependent on the other. But, the one I really feel compassion and concern for is the one that will allow us to become financially independent, the obtaining of prosperity in America.
Trump has indicated throughout his campaign that companies are outsourcing their factories due to taxes that they are made to pay. He feels that the companies should be giving increased tax breaks, taxes that they CAN afford to pay. These taxes are supposed to allow us to contribute to the upkeep of our great nation. They talk about the taxes they have to pay, while all at the same time, the cost of living is also increasing. The companies want tax breaks to help increase their bank account, while helping to deplete the account of those whose heads are barely staying above water becaus...

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... as if they will directly impact the prosperity of our company. While, he as of yet, have not even produced evidence of him paying taxes to this great United States of American, that he claims he loves and want to see ‘great’ again. Now, I think that, if it is true that he has not paid taxes as our law has stipulated, that this is something that can greatly affect the way he will take care of this country. If he wins this election, and he did not make sure he did as he was suppose to do as a business man and as a citizen, what will he try to get around as president of the United States? What type of dealings with he try to make in order to see companies like his succeed off the debilitated back of those who has help to make him a success? The big people may have come up with the ideas for them to succeed, but it is the little people who has made that dream a reality.

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