The President And Congress For Democracy Essay

The President And Congress For Democracy Essay

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The President and Congress.

For democracy to work, the president and congress must work together. In order for major legislation to become law the executive and the legislative branches must cooperate with each other. In the original framework made for the legislative branch to have dominance. Today, however, the Executive proposes legislation in the nations best interest. Then congress makes the decision to move forward with the proposal. The framers of the constitution had a very weak executive branch. The executive’s powers were all shared, he commanded the military but the power to declare war was in the hands of congress. A appointment to office or a treaty with another nation must be confirmed by a congressional decision. When it comes to treaties presidents need congressional approval but some presidents have gone around that. For example, President Carter terminated a treaty with Taiwan, by recognizing the People’s Republic of China as the only legal government of China. In many cases the political parties of the president and congress are on opposing sides of the issue at hand causing a stand still in government action. Usually the president appeals to the citizens of the US to achieve some leverage with Congress. While the President can make a suggestion for a bill according to the separation of powers from the constitution he has no power to enforce the stipulations of said bill. If there is no one person in charge then the blame game ensues. In the case of a weak party leader the opposing party can blame any negative reactions from the legislation or event and the majority party has no leg to stand on. The difference between the Congressional system and the Parliamentary system everyone knows who is in charge and ...

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...roversy but this problem had affects on the public. In the case of Myers v US, the supreme court allowed the president to an official without the consenting decision of the senate. In US v. Belmont, the supreme court legitimized the use of an executive agreement. They decided that the president had the right, by himself, to enter into other agreements with other countries.
There have been instances where the supreme court has limited the powers of the president. In Korematsu v. US, the court found that the concentration camps for 70,000 US citizens of Japanese decent deprived those citizens of their civil rights. And some cases showed that the courts could cover the presidents back. In the case Nixon v. Fitzgerald, the court ruled that the president could have complete immunity from a civil damage suit for official actions while they are on duty at the White House.

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