Pregnancy And Childbirth : An Exciting Time Of A Woman 's Life Essay

Pregnancy And Childbirth : An Exciting Time Of A Woman 's Life Essay

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Pregnancy and childbirth can be an exciting time in a woman’s life. A woman and her partner have many things to consider about the day of their baby’s arrival. Women in modern day society have many options to explore for childbirth. They can choose to have vaginal birth or cesarean section, decide whether to have their baby in a hospital or birthing center, and can prepare for the day by taking Bradley Method classes or HypnoBirthing classes.
For thousands of years, women have delivered babies vaginally. Sometimes complications arose, and because there were no other options for delivery, the baby, the mother, or both died in the process of childbirth. Cesarean sections (C-sections) have become more commonplace in the United States with one in three babies delivered with this method (Crooks & Baur, 2014). This method can be lifesaving for the mother and baby but many wonder if it is becoming too commonplace because of the mother’s preference of when to give birth or because of the doctor needing to keep his or her schedule. However, it is unarguable that this method has saved lives. Situations that may require a C-section are when a baby’s head is too large to pass through the pelvic structure, is in breech position, has changes in heart rate, or is showing signs of distress on the fetal monitoring (Childbirth Connection, 2012). Other situations include the mother having an active infection (HIV or herpes) or if the mother is not progressing or dilating (Lecture 6, 2011). Risks with having a C-section include having a longer recovery period, a possible weak spot on the wall of the uterus due to the incision, and possible problems with having a vaginal birth later on (Medline Plus, 2016). The babies may have difficulties breathing ...

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...e fear in some women. Instead, they focus on releasing fear, positive thoughts, and the natural birth process (Varner, 2015). Both the Bradley Method and HypnoBirthing can be used in a hospital, birth center, or home birth and could be beneficial for those wanting a natural childbirth.
During pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman and her partner to research and to decide on birthing options that fit best with their values and lifestyle. How to deliver the baby, where to have the delivery, and what method if any would be helpful in the childbirth process are each important topics to know what one prefers to use when that important day arrives. There are no right or wrong choices, which is why there are so many different options available. Weighing the risks and benefits of each can help a woman and her partner to discover what is best for them and their family.

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