Prayer For School Is Not Done Properly It Essay examples

Prayer For School Is Not Done Properly It Essay examples

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It is true that if prayer in school is not done properly it can lead to students feeling uncomfortable. For there to be true freedom of religion all faiths must be represented equally. If this is done correctly no student will feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Instead, there will be a feeling of peace and unity where all students feel comfortable sharing their religious exercises with others. If there are still one or two students who feel uncomfortable hearing the prayers of their peers is that enough to make the whole class stop? Loconte brought up the idea that if a prayer is said by a different faith each day in class the students would begin to feel like all prayers are equally relevant, therefore, offsetting the religious instruction they are receiving at home (Loconte, 1995). Again, only four out of one hundred students will join a different religion from the one they grew up participating in (Butler 2012). Hearing one prayer a day praising a different God will rarely effect a child’s belief if he or she is being continuously taught principles at home. Students who are exposed to different types of faiths in their youth will be more accepting of their peers, and they will be in an environment that promotes peace and compassion.
A study performed by David Grenardo, a successful lawyer, showed that having the teacher say a prayer before class begun created a pleasant atmosphere for the students. Many of the students who participated claimed that the prayer helped direct their attention to what needed to be accomplished in class that day. In addition, he found that having a teacher pray for his or her students, or having a student pray for the other students, can produce a sense of unity in the classroom. Students will feel ...

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...r has been an important part of our country for centuries, and taking it out of schools has been a grave mistake. Children have become less tolerant of other’s religions and we are bordering on taking religion out of schools completely. If we bring prayer back the United States of America will flourish with an array of people who are educated, open-minded, charitable, and unified. Individuals carrying those four characteristics have the capacity to change the world. This idea could easily become an opportunity for teachers to force a certain religion down their student’s throats and cause contention amongst US citizens, but the judicial system we have in place can easily stifle any unconstitutional behavior. If we allow prayer to come back into schools, and be sure that each students’ faith is represented equally, the world as we know it could change for the better.

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