Essay about The Power Of Life Works

Essay about The Power Of Life Works

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There are universal rules, and then, there are house rules. God sets the rules by which we live, move and have our being. We too set rules, but we must use our powers of persuasion to impose them on other living things. There is a subtle but important difference to take note of: God 's rule is Law, and Law is simply the way the creative power of Life works. Universal Law is not imposed upon us to make us work the way It does, or to make our life work out the way it should. The Laws of Life are self-enforcing. Man, however, must forcibly impose his rule, his laws, upon others if he would try to control their behavior. This is because mankind’s laws are not the way Life works, but simply the way some men would like it to be. Man-made rules and laws can and will be broken if they are not enforced by an external policing force. God 's Law cannot be broken. It can be misused, or ignored, at one 's peril; but we break only ourselves in the attempt to break the Law of God.
It is a mistake to think that in having dominion, one has the authority to make laws and then force others to follow them. If we do have dominion, as the Bible describes it, it is only the authority to describe the laws that exist and state rules that carry their own consequences and need no enforcement, as they merely describe the way Life works. If this were the nature of our laws and the rules we live by, then those who work with and live within the Law, would find that their life works, for they are working with Life.

We keep trying to dominate, to overpower, to overrule, to legislate, to control everything and everyone; but it cannot be done. We have something like the dominion that God has, but not even God has control over...

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...ieve that they are free, will make choices and seek agreement.
We do not gain freedom by controlling people or circumstances; we express freedom by choosing. It is a misperception to think that you control Life or the living. We may control that which is not free (either has no choice, or makes no choice); but even so, to the degree that we control, we diminish our experience of freedom. It is true that we are free, even when we choose to control, and even when we are in fact controlled by circumstances, and the conditions of our choosing. The darkness of a shadow is as much a proof of the sun as is the light that illumines your day. Likewise, the consequences of our choosing (or not choosing), be they negative or affirmative in nature are, in fact, evidence of the truth that we are free to choose. The facts indicate but one truth: we could make better choices.

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