Power, Knowledge, And The Concept Of Hidden Rules Essay

Power, Knowledge, And The Concept Of Hidden Rules Essay

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For thousands of years, society has corralled themselves into groups of similar social status. This is the human caste system. At the bottom of the caste system lays the working lower class; at the middle of the system lays the middle class; above all else, lays the rich upper class. The system revolves around three fundamental properties in which each human being is categorized: power, knowledge, and the concept of “hidden rules.”
Whomever has the most wealth, has the most power. This is the first fundamental property known as power. In a 2010 United States consensus of about 309.3 million people, and through a report conducted by Professor G. William Domhoff, the upper 1% class controls 35.4% of the wealth with a population of 3.1 million people, the middle 19% class controls 53.5% of the wealth with a population of 58.8 million people, and the lower 80% class controls 11.1% of the wealth with a population of 247.4 million people. The upper class has less people to share money with and with more than 1/4th of the share of the net wealth, they have more money for themselves. The middle class and lower class, on the other hand, have a denser populous and they must distribute their share of wealth even more. These statistics reveal the prodigious disparities over the share of the wealth and how the upper class has more wealth, and in turn, more power. This is how classifications arise for knowing which person belongs to which class by their display of wealth. The upper class spends their wealth on one of a kind objects that are seemingly rare, they present serving their food lavishly, they purchase their clothing from expensive and designer brands, and they see their world internationally meaning they travel around the world frequ...

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...hakes to identify one another; this is true. In Britain, to distinguish oneself as a wealthy Brit, there is a slight change in accent. It is these minuscule discrepancies of hidden rules are what categorizes each human being into their respective class.
Overall, classifications based on the three fundamental properties are what classifies people into the caste system of low, middle, and upper classes. The first property is power and whomever has the most power, has the best life quality and influence over the work atmosphere. The second property is knowledge and whomever has the best knowledge, can cheat those whom are illiterate. The third fundamental property are the hidden rules and these rules govern whom is born into what social class. This way nobody can fake their way into becoming an upper-classmen if they do not know the secret codes of the upper-classmen.

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