Postmodernism And How Art Should Be Created And What It Should Mean Essay

Postmodernism And How Art Should Be Created And What It Should Mean Essay

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Postmodernism come to being in the late 20th century. The postmodernist movement appears in variety of areas of study that include art, music, film, literature etc. To understand were postmodernism came from we have to take a look at the modernist period, which rejected the old Victorian standards of how art should be created and what it should mean. The modernistic literature revolves around themes of individuality, randomness of life, mistrust in the government and religion and disbelief in things that are true. Postmodernism is like modernists rejected the idea of truth and did not believe that there was a connection between the past and present and that the past events are irreverent to the present. In this essay I will discuss Sylvia Plath and why she is a postmodernist writer and how her works reflect postmodern ideology by giving examples and explanations of techniques used that classify her as a postmodernist writer.
Sylvia Plath was born in Massachusetts. From a very young age Plath used to love to write. Plath uses her feelings to depict her writing. During her early childhood, the first feeling that she experienced was the death of her father from diabetes. Plath’s father was a very strict authority figure in the house. Plath uses her father’s death and his authoritarianism to depict their relationship in her poems. In her poem “Daddy” she describes the rejection that she feels towards her father. Plath’s conflict with her father continues into her relationship with her husband. The conflict can be seen in the lines 78-80 in which Plath compares the damage of her father to her husband. Each stanza of the poem contains a powerful image which overwhelms the reader, forcing them to imagine the pain that the narrator h...

... middle of paper ... is a very great postmodernist poet. She tackles topics that are merely unconvertable and compares then to life and death and the meaning of truth. Most of Plath’s writing can be viewed as controversial and feminist in nature. Plath’s view on depression and bringing in the view of the public with the idea of suicide and that anyone can suffer to it. Depression is a controversial topic and it has always been because of the unknown causes of it at the time. But Plath does mention in her poems for the cause of her depression. She felt neglected by the world and did so empty and sad inside that there was no escaping. Plath lived at the edge of a decentered, postmodern world in which nothing was absolute and nothing was true. Only but the pain and anguish she revealed in her poems. By displaying tragically playful poems, Plath is truly a daughter of the postmodern era.

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