The Population in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska Essay

The Population in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska Essay

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Scottsbluff, Nebraska is a small rural community in western Nebraska that developed based on the fundamentals of agriculture. As of 2012, the population of Scotts Bluff County was 36,964. From the total population, farmers make up a large percent of the individuals included in this population. According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, there were 730 farms in Scotts Bluff County, located over a total of 360,286 acres of land. This makes the average farm size in 2007, 494 acres (Scotts Bluff County Nebraska, 2007). For most people, these numbers may not sound like anything significant, but for my hometown community, these farms have a significant impact on the area and are important for the development of our society.
Many people know Scotts Bluff County as one of the best crop growing areas in the state. According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, the top five crops grown in Scotts Bluff County were corn, forage, beans, sugar beets, and wheat. In fact, the quality and rates of bean production were so good in 2007 that Scotts Bluff County earned a number one ranking out of the entire state of Nebraska, and a number two ranking for the production of sugar beets. (Scotts Bluff County Nebraska, 2007).
In order for Scotts Bluff County to maintain these exceptional production rates, several different factors come into play for contributing to the successful outcome of the crop production in this area. One factor that plays an important role in the production is the amount of water resources that are available in Scotts Bluff County. If farmers are unable to get the quantity of water necessary to grow their crops, the crops will begin to suffer damage, resulting in a lower rate of crop production and profit. Therefore, in ...

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...our acceptance of different types of individuals and their beliefs. Furthermore, learning more about different types of influences and cultures.
Having a hometown developed from agriculture, and a hometown that has shaped into a diverse community, has given me the opportunity to not only observe and learn many different perspectives of farm life, but to learn about other cultures as well. In addition, living in a smaller rural area has also been nice because it gives you the ability to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of an urban area and just be able to be out in an open and peaceful environment. Yet, if you do want to go to town for something you need or for entertainment, you do not have far to go and does not take long to get there. However, it is always good to be home on the farm to enjoy the open blue sky or a nighttime sky full of stars.

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