Essay Population Control And Its Effects On The Planet

Essay Population Control And Its Effects On The Planet

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In the past century, the population of the world has noticeably exploded, causing questions, worry, and to some extent, panic. While many politicians, public figures, and even country leaders seem unsure, or even unconcerned with this issue, others are terrified by the constantly increasing numbers that seem almost impossible to dismiss. While the growth of the human race is arguably healthy to a certain extent, many believe that the staggering numbers are detrimental to human society, leading to overcrowding and severe environment effects on the planet. Individual societies have attempted to control their fast-growing populations in a number of ways, although the nature of their approaches varies dramatically from country to country. Though some countries have promoted safe and voluntary means of population control, others have taken drastic, and arguably inhumane steps in hopes of lowering their country’s birth rate. In many third-world countries, population control techniques promoted by the government have taken unnecessary steps to ensure decreased birth rates and fertility. Coercive population control in China, India, and many other parts of the world, are not only unnecessary but explicitly disregard the basic human rights of men and women.
According to an international census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, the world 's population reached a staggering 7 billion in 2012, with an annual growth rate of 1.116%. What’s more frightening perhaps, is the estimated 8 billion expected in 2026, a mere ten years from the present time. However, surprisingly enough, the growth rate has actually decreased dramatically since the 1960’s and ‘70s, where it hovered around 2% (World Population Clock). This surge in mid 20th-cen...

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...not be forced to live in fear of their own bodies and would be free to partake in the basic human rights given to them at birth. The younger generation is an essential part of the world’s future, however, proper measures do need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the environment. This can be done by implementing family planning programs, and providing women and couples with the education they need to make informed decisions about their reproduction. Government funded organizations such as Planned Parenthood in the United States is an accessible means of birth control and women’s healthcare. With more programs such as these, nations could see lowered fertilization rates of teens and members of the lower class. With projects and policies that encourage positive and voluntary participation, coercive population policies will continue to be unnecessary.

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