The Political Regime Under Joseph Stalin Essay

The Political Regime Under Joseph Stalin Essay

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The term Stalinism is most commonly used to specify the political regime under Joseph Stalin. Stalinism therefore covers the policies, reforms and regulations implemented within the Stalinist period of 1929-53. The profound imprint of Stalinism could be seen in multiple facets of the Soviet society, including economy, agriculture, politics and culture, as the ultimate modifications to such areas allowed for Stalin to transition Russia towards the new goal of ‘socialism in one country’. The effects of Stalinism however proved devastating for the Russian populace as through the use of manipulation and terror, these goals were attempted and achieved. The introduction of industrialisation, collectivisation, the changes to cultural and educational reforms, and the Great Terror generated ultimately positive changes to Russia on the world stage, as well as to Soviet society, however these changes created unparalleled deaths, large discontent from the lower classes and left long lasting consequences on Russia’s mentality and trust in the state. Therefore, although the changes brought by Stalinism were largely, and in the end, positive to soviet society, the way in which these changes were made and the journey along the way proved generally negative and devastating to the majority of Russia.

Stalin’s transformation of the Soviet Union into a strong industrial nation had an incredibly positive effect on economic development within Soviet society, however the negative impacts on Russian citizens were also significant. The process of industrialisation through the introduction of a series of Five Year Plans (FYP) were successful in transforming Russia from a backward semi-developed nation to one which could match the West in industrial outpu...

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... introduced tight curriculums and conservative teaching methods, which promoted academic success rather than just loyalty to the Communist cause. Students would also learn about proud figures of Russian history like Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, and curriculums would focus upon mathematics and science, in order to breed knowledgeable individuals, better equip for Soviet society. These rapid reforms were indicative of the effect that Stalin had on the creation of a strict society that reflected his desires. And by the end of 1938, the literacy of people aged 9 to 49 years old residing in rural areas 86%, and those in towns were 94%. These improvements were beneficial both to the Russian people and the Soviet Union. In this case Stalinism left a positive impact upon Soviet society as his regimes helped create an efficient and disciplined educational structure.

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