The Polish Solidarity Party Essay

The Polish Solidarity Party Essay

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Everyone has certain rights and with those rights come certain responsibilities which one

must fulfill in order to preserve his or her rights. Those involved in the Polish Solidarity

Party, which began as an independent labor union, had rights which they satisfied in order to

protect their rights and in doing so, they created a new and improved Poland. Previous to the

formation of the Solidarity Party, the Communist regime controlled Poland. Communism, based

on the ideas and teachings of Karl Marx, is a system in which everyone is seen as equal and

wealth is distributed equally among the people. The Cold War brought Communism, which was

wide-spread in Eastern Europe throughout the 20th century despite several attempts by different

countries to expel it, into Poland in 1945. Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan were very

distinguished figures in the expulsion of Communism in Poland. The Gdańsk Agreement, the

formation of the Solidarity Party, Lech Wałęsa, and the Workers' Defense Committee were

major components of the beginning of the fall of Communism in Poland. The Communist

government saw that the Polish people were beginning to rebel against them and took action by

outlawing Solidarity, imposing martial law and enforcing Communist rule. After the Polish

Round Table Talks, Solidarity was re-legalized and was allowed to participate in the free


The Cold War was a conflict between the Communist nations led by the Soviet Union

and the democratic nations led by the United States. It was fought by means of propaganda,

economic war, diplomatic haggling and occasional military clashes. At the Yalta conference in

February, 1945, Josef Stalin, representing the Soviet Union, promised f...

... middle of paper ...

...inent figures in the

expulsion of Communism in Poland. The major components of the beginning of the fall of

Communism in Poland were the Gdańsk Agreement, the formation of the Solidarity Party, Lech

Wałęsa, and the Workers' Defense Committee. The Communist government took steps to

enforce Communist rule by outlawing Solidarity and imposing martial law. Solidarity was re-

legalized and was given permission to participate in the free elections after the Round Table

Talks. There can be no rights without responsibilities and vice versa; the leaders of the Solidarity

Party knew their rights and fought for them, they were given responsibilities when they promised

new rights to the Polish people. Due to the leaders of the Solidarity Party taking responsibility

for the rights of others, Poland is the way that it is today, and that is a great, free nation.

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