Policing From The 1960 ' S Essay

Policing From The 1960 ' S Essay

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Policing from the 1960’s to 1980’s was challenging when it came to the epidemic of crack cocaine and powder cocaine, which ultimately caught the attention of the federal government, including President Nixon. Criminologists, in collaboration with law enforcement, were given the task to develop a model for reducing crime as well as the influx of crack cocaine. According to the University of Chicago Law Review, the sentencing structure began to show a transformation from correction to deterrence style in an effort to increase authority to prosecutors and judges, allowing both to provide enhanced sentences of incarceration (2003). In order to discourage drug suppliers and traffickers from ordering, receiving and dealing drugs -- namely synthetic drugs from overseas distribution hubs in China -- an increase in the sentencing guidelines is a necessary change required to give prosecutors and judges the discretion to increase incarceration times in an effort to protect the public.
Bath Salts were defined as a “designer drug”. Bath Salts is essentially a synthetic cocaine/methamphetamine/ecstasy combination that has been the drug of choice in my local county for nearly a year now and is available on the internet from sources predominantly in China. The synthetic drug can be purchased from those sources for approximately $4.00 per gram and delivered via US Mail, FedEx, DHL or UPS and is sold on the street for $200.00 per gram. The synthetic drug can be taken orally, injected or smoked. The effects of this new drug are hallucinations, euphoria and extreme paranoia. To put it bluntly, this recreational drug is the scourge of our rural area, tying up municipal resources including police, emergency health personnel, and hospitals, and not t...

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...incapacitation, rehabilitation, and retribution” (2012). Retribution is one which has proven to be the most effective in deterring criminal activity which supports my argument regarding the increase in the sentencing guidelines for the supplying and trafficking of “Bath Salts”. The more controlled substance possessed, the more substantial the sentence of incarceration. This, I feel, will deter others from continuing their criminal activity for fear of punishment. The sentencing guidelines need to be comparable to the crime committed and the danger it presents to society. Although there is further debate as to whether punishment is always the path to be taken. Rehabilitation is viewed by some as a better way to prevent re-occurring crime. Never the less, in this particular case, I believe that punishment such as increased incarceration time is more effective.

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