Police Officers And The Police Officer Essay

Police Officers And The Police Officer Essay

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It is not right for one to abuse their powers especially when it harms other people, police officers have a lot of power in their hands and to some that power goes to their heads and they abuse of that power and use excessive force when needed or not needed, either way they do not have the right to use it. Because police officers are using excessive force they should change how police officers deal in certain situations, they should punish police officers who use excessive force and they should put body cameras on police officers.
In some cases, when police officers use excessive force without a reason on a person it results in the death or injury of the person who was not fighting with the police officer. One of those cases was the Eric Garner case, according to theguardian, Eric Garner “died in a chokehold during an arrest by a New York police officer” they also said that “The NYPD outlawed chokeholds over two decades ago, exactly because they can be deadly if administered inappropriately or carelessly”. Because the police officer used excessive force Eric Garner died, also the chokehold was outlawed and the police officer still used it. If the police officer had taken a different approach in that situation Eric Garner would still be alive. In other cases, where a police officer has used excessive force was with Walter Scott. Scott simply ran from the police officer and the officer shot him eight times and tried to frame Scott by planting the Taser near his body and saying that he took his Taser, but luckily there was a person recording what happened and the officer did not get away with it. According to The New York Times, “The Supreme Court has held that an officer may use deadly force against a fleeing suspect only when there...

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...rce by police officers dropped by 60 percent, from 61 to 25 instances, following the start of the body worn camera study (ibid.)”. Any false report given by a civilian the truth comes out with the body camera footage. They also said that “a qualitative review of all use of force incidents determined that officers without cameras were more likely to use force without having been physically threatened”. That shows how body cameras can diminish the use of excessive force and how it is beneficial for all parties involved.
Police officers have too much power and it is greatly abused. People suffer from the police officers’ actions and they should be punished. If we change how they deal in situations, punish them for using excessive force and put body cameras on them, police brutality will diminish and people will be safer from the ones that are supposed to keep them safe.

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