Essay about Poetry Analysis of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

Essay about Poetry Analysis of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

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Poetry Analysis of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

‘Caged Bird’ is a poem written by Maya Angelou which considers the conditions of the ‘free bird’ and the ‘caged bird’. Actually this contrast between the birds enables her to express her own emotions about freedom and isolation. The poem is quite symbolic so there are various hidden messages she tries to convey about her feelings mostly indirectly.

In the first stanza Maya Angelou breathes life into her description of the ‘free bird’ by using verbs like ‘leaps’, ‘floats’, ‘dips’. The ‘free bird’ is a symbol of freedom and these well-chosen verbs are especially meaningful because they contain joy and energy – this is a hint for us to discover how Maya Angelou feels about freedom as well. The first stanza is full of enjambment and this devic...

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