Pit Bulls: Are They Really the Monsters They're Made out to Be? Essay

Pit Bulls: Are They Really the Monsters They're Made out to Be? Essay

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Have you ever heard about a TV show called Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet? The show is about a woman named Tia Torres and her family that have come together to advocate for pit bulls. Tia Torres is the owner of the Villalobos ranch where she rescues pit bulls and parolees and re-educates both to be better for society. Some people believe that the dogs and the people are un-trainable and not worth the time to re-educate them. Ms. Torres is using the media to help the dogs and parolees so that people get a better idea of what it takes to re-train a dog and to help parolees to try and get a better chance of retuning to a better life. There are still people that have the misconception that the dogs are bad because of their breed and need to be banned or euthanized.
In an article from the Christian Science Monitor entitled “Dog pack murder”, a pit bull owner was charged with the murder of jogger. A 29-year-old pit bull owner charged with murder after four of eight dogs, six pit bulls and two mixed breeds that attacked and killed a 63-year-old woman Pamela Devitt. She was bitten anywhere from 150 to 200 times. The police used DNA to match blood types of the dogs and of Mrs. Devitt to prove the dogs did attack her. Pamela Devitt’s husband told KCAL-TV, that he does not blame the dogs and does not blame the pit bulls but he does blame the owner for what happened, the owner needs to take responsibility for what happened.
In contrast to Devitt’s husband, an article in Live Science written by Marc Lallanilla, says there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests that pit bulls deserve their reputations as vicious “attack” dogs. Lallanilla looked at a five-year review of dog bites from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelph...

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