Piracy and the Music Industry Essay

Piracy and the Music Industry Essay

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This paper aims to analyse problematic of illegal music downloading from the internet. Specifically than downloading, sharing audio, restrictions and government reactions against it. At the same time, I am trying to analyze the trends in music distribution and how did the industry react on it. Analysis of Record industry before the world wide web and after it. Reaction of artists and bands on the recent trends and how did the internet piracy helped to shape the legitimate music business of 20th century.

Ch1 - History of music industry before world went online.

According to Theo Smith, a guest lecturer on the music industry of www.awfullygoodmusic.com
The Live Music industry has always existed so long as there have been gatherings of people to watch musicians perform in exchange for money or value.
As a beginning of music distribution and sharing between people, one could take an invention of a printing press in around 1450. The device was able of printing ink onto a print medium, which in Europe is credited to the printer and goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg. This invention could be taken as a starting point notes reproduction in paper form. However only in around 1800s the print media, including the sheet music was getting produced for wider audience.
In 1857 Leon Scott makes first audio tool capable of capturing audio on a paper.
Thomas Edison than in 1877 invents a phonograph. Device that can capture sound and also play it back.
Emille Berliner invents earliest discs in 1889 and a whole new era of music distribution on replicate-able media can begin.
By than, the actual ability to record music performance using the composition written on sheet, could be taken as starting point for the whole recorded music industry.
In ...

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