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The Pill : A Pill Essay

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In Exercise 7, Sherman is producing and advertising a pill that he claims cures cancer. He knows the pill doesn’t cure cancer, but he’s still selling it because he knows that desperate cancer patients will still buy the pill. Sherman’s reasoning is that the patients might die anyways and the pill is giving them hope. The pill is harmless so it won’t hurt them. Also, he thinks he wont get caught or punished for it. He thinks he will make millions in a fairly short amount of time selling the pills.
There is different point of views for why Sherman is wrong. “According to Utilitarianism, moral right and wrong are determined solely by the balance between increases and decreases in the well-being of everyone affected, that is, the total well-being” (83). Within Utilitarianism there are two versions; act and rule utilitarianism. “Act Utilitarianism says that we should always act in ways that will maximize the total well-being of everyone affected” (84). Meaning that an act that producing the greatest increase in total well-being is morally right. “Act Utilitarianism is applied to individual concrete actions. (83). “According to Utilitarianism, it is wrong for people not to do whatever will produce the most well-being” (87). There are many different objections to Act Utilitarianism. Act Utilitarianism requires too much, requires too much impartiality, ignores distribution of happiness, and it ignores duties. “By saying act utilitarianism requires too much is saying that its implausible and that no matter what we do its always wrong because we could do something else that would have produced more total well-being” (87). When saying that Act Utilitarianism requires too much impartiality, first we need to define impartiality. Impartia...

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...e are attributing a specific character trait to that person. A character traits is a disposition to act, think, and feel certain things under certain specified conditions” (116). “For example, a person who is cruel has the tendency or disposition to intentionally cause people to suffer, to want people to suffer, and to feel pressure from causing suffering. The cruel person almost surely lacks suck feelings or emotions as compassion, sympathy, guilt, and remorse. Similarly, an honest person has the tendency always or almost always tells the truth, even in circumstances where he or she would benefit from lying, desires to tell the truth, and has such feelings as guilt or remorse if she lies” (116). “Acts that exemplify a virtue are, insofar as
they exemplify that trait, morally right, whereas acts that exemplify vices, insofar as they exemplify that trait, are right.

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