Pig Production : Early Weaned Piglets ( 18-21 Days ) Essay

Pig Production : Early Weaned Piglets ( 18-21 Days ) Essay

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In Pigs
In pig production, early-weaned piglets(18-21 days) are subjected to various stress factors which may includes sudden switch from liquid diet (sow milk) to solid or dry diet and environmental health which may cause change into morphological structure and intestinal functioning. Pathogen such as E.coli may also colonise the entire area of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) causing diarrhea (Bailey et al, 1992; Katouli et al, 1999; Madec et al, 2000 and Laine et al, 2008).Introduction of oligosaccharides in the pig’s diet was reported to improve and stimulate Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus for fermentation in the large intestine that produce small chain fatty acids (SCFA) which will be used by the animal as the source of energy (Batyrate), controls concentration of ammonia, lactice acids and pH level in the intestines(Roediger,1982 and Gibson et al,1995).Dietary supplement of these fermentable compounds, fructooligosaccharides in particular, was found to reduce the incident of colonial Bacteroids, fusobacteria and clostridia in the faeces of growing pigs.However due to less data available on the effects of fructooligosaccharides on growth performance,feed intakes and its efficiencies,the author suggest that the present of oligosaccahrides in pig’s diet can induce the performance and reduce total cholesterol incidents (Grela et al,2006).
In Poultry
Like any other monogastric animals including pigs, the digestive system of a chicken mechanically and chemically breaks down food and allows nutrients to be absorbed ready for use in the body but this is different when fed fibrous feeds such as fructooligosaccharides because of been unable to degrade these feedstuffs. Dietary supplement of fructooligosaccharides in broiler chickens was...

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... intestine.
In Poultry
In broiler production, gastrointestinal tract environment was reported to be negatively affected by supplementing birds with diet containing NSP feeds which will also affect the health and overall performance of broiler chickens.The similarity between broiler chicken and pigs is that both they don’t have endogenous enzymes to degrade and digest fibrous feeds but the presents of digestive acid in the proventriculus can help the fermentation (Leeson et al,2001;Owusu-Asielu et al,2006 and Jimenez-moreno et al ,2009).In comparing the effectiveness of soluble NSP with insoluble NSP, it was documented that the inclusion of insoluble NSP can reduces the length of GIT but not negatively affecting digestion, absorption and body weight of growing birds. However these findings are quiet difficult and not clear (Gonzalez et al, 2007 and Saki et al, 2010).

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