Drinking Age Debate

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The debate of whether the minimum legal drinking age has been going on for years. People have their own opinions on what the age should be set at and their reasons. There are many reasons why people say it should be eighteen, and there are many reasons why people say it should be twenty one. It could be possible that changing could have serious consequences. The legal drinking age should remain at twenty one. Reducing the drinking age would increase the amount of youth who drink and this would lead to more irresponsible drinking.It is not a fact of age but the alcohol itself. Ronald J. Hunsicker, president and CEO of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Provider (NAATP), says, “I’m not sure that the issue is age” (“College Presidents” 2). He is inferring that the problem is not the legal age but, the problem is who and how responsible is he or she. Hunsicker believes the real problem is “…alcohol abuse and alcoholism” (“College Presidents” 2). While the idea of the person and how responsible he or she may be might play a large role in the conflict, I find that age does play a large factor. Youth under the age of twenty one tend to be just too irresponsible and drink mainly just to become drunk. Binge drinking has become a large cultural change, especially in underage college students, since the increase of the legal age in 1984 (Heath 1). If the legal drinking age were to be reduced to eighteen, then would that also reduce the amount of binge drinking that takes place within ages eighteen to twenty one? Kids are going to do as they please, especially in college. College is the first time they are finally out of the house and have a sense of freedom. Most new college students are going to branch out and try new things ... ... middle of paper ... ...” (Brown, Matousek, and Radue 613). If the legal age is reduced then so will the age of minors who drink. As of now we have drinkers at the age of sixteen, but if the age is lowered is it possible to have consumers as low as the age of twelve?Keeping the drinking age will continue to reduce the amount of minors who drink. “In short, MLDA 21 has been the most successful underage alcohol control effort to date…” (Saylor 332). The current drinking has been most successful at keeping minors from alcohol. It seems to be steadily reducing the amount of underage drinkers and helping society. In conclusion of my research and evaluations, there are just to many factors against lowering the age. Minors under the age of twenty one are mainly just too irresponsible and are at to many health risks. The minimum age of twenty one has worked for three decades so, why change it now?

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