Pieces From Dine Women 's Life Essay

Pieces From Dine Women 's Life Essay

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Pieces from Dine Women’s Life
In the article, “There is No Word for Feminism in My language” written by Laura Tohe, introduce the dine women culture to the world. Before reading the article, Indian American or Native American’s culture was either about gambling or living deserted away from civilization, but I was wrong. Unlike my first thoughts about Tohe’s culture, dine women felt proud, strong and honor in their society that make it unnecessary for a term such as feminism to be in their language. The term Feminism leads to the women right movement to be equally with men socially, politically, and economically in the western world. Why there is no word for feminism in Tohe’s language? There are many elements that lack the existence of this word feminism from Tohe’s language.
First, the dine women occupation. The older generation of the dine culture had not received a higher education to have settle jobs. They mostly have handiwork kind of jobs to feed their children. Until they completely engaged into the western civilization, these jobs satisfied their needs, and their lifestyle. Tohe said “My mother dropped out of high school, ran away to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and ended up becoming pregnant for my father, who had recently returned from World War II” (1). If her mother has dropped out from high school that means she didn’t have the qualified education to have an office job or safe financial job in general. Tohe logically explained how dine women involve in the feminism movement “Most Indian families were struggling just to survive. How could Indian women discourse in the feminist dialogue of the 1970s or participate in the symbolic act of burning their bras? Some probably owned only on...

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...n higher possession for their responsibility to inherit the culture to younger generation. The term “saanii” is usually referred to older women not men, because it’s the women job to raise the children and take care of the house, so they are more respected and honored for their wisdom.
In conclusion, Tohe’s language is missing the word feminism because they don’t share the same issues that women in the western world have. They might lived poor and struggled to secure their own and their children lives, but they lived in honor, and their efforts were respected from their tribes. Comparing dine culture with western culture, we found that women feel unsafe and treated unequally is an issue in the western world, but not everywhere. In the dine culture, women played the most important role of the culture. This is why feminism has no existence in their language.

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