Feminism And Cultural Feminism

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Cultural feminism was first coined by Brooke Williams in 1975 during the end of the Second Wave of Feminism, but was at first called radical feminism and then separated to be called cultural feminism (Echols 35). The two became separated because radical feminist stressed patriarchy and lack of female rights, while cultural feminism embraces the differences of men and women (Echols 36). According to Alice Echols, cultural feminism can be achieved within patriarchal societies because they focus on male behavior and away from biology and the stricter of male supremacy like radical feminism does (page 36). Cultural feminist try to improve human relationships in the world by making an effort to develop a better value system without thinking that characterizes are biological and unchanging (Mantilla 4). By acknowledging that women’s characteristics are superior to some of men’s characteristics, then we as a society can hold responsibly to women being emulated of their values and characteristics. Cultural feminism focuses on the ideology of female nature or the core that is assigned by feminist to revalidate the female’s attributes that make females attributes undervalued (Alcoff 3). A goal of cultural feminist is to try to create and maintain healthy relationships and environments that are free of masculinity values (Alcoff 3). Alcoff says that people think being a woman is a bad thing. This is a result of the Feminist theory, as defined as by Webster Dictionary is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and the organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests”
A result of cultural feminism starting to rise, radical feminism started to decline because cultural feminism was moving from politic...

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... already were doing. Society was not ready to fix these problems because these changes were new a strayed away from what was normal for them. Humans like to stay with something that they are comfortable with, and these concepts are too far from the norm.
Cultural feminism is important concept to our society. This idea is in favor of females, and brings out the benefits of being a female and not taking anything away from them, that women can live equal in a masculinity environment. Females and males both have qualities that society points out that the certain genders should have, and cultural feminism embraces those qualities instead of changing our society’s views. Cultural feminism is important because it embraces the idea the women and men are different and that the differences are okay, and that we should embrace the differences of both and become more humane.
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