Piano Performance And Music : My Life And Soul For The Last Twenty Years

Piano Performance And Music : My Life And Soul For The Last Twenty Years

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I am majoring in violin performance and music has been my passion, life and soul for the last fourteen years. I am devoted to study violin in order to develop all the necessary musicianship, techniques and skills to become a well rounded and solid professional in music with specialty in violin performance.
I feel proud to have grown up in a musical environment, as my grandfather was a professional musician who played in several professional symphony orchestras, my mother learned violin from my grandfather, then my older brother from her and then I did. On the other hand, my father is a former Fulbright Scholar with a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) degree from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. Although they have all have been a tremendous inspiration, it was my own will, passion and love for music that led me to pursue such career.
Music has been for me a way of sharing, communicating, a source of income and a never ending search for excellence. Of course, I have considered some other possibilities of career study because it is very important to explore di...

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