Physical Evidence And Its Effect On The Criminal Justice System Essay

Physical Evidence And Its Effect On The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Physical evidence is additionally important in every criminal investigation because too often witness accounts are sometimes biased or unreliable. Physical evidence such as trace evidence, DNA, and fingerprints may objectively attach one or more persons to a victim or suspect to a crime. Favorably, physical evidence can also demonstrate inestimable for exonerating an innocent suspect. Laboratory members and criminal investigators should perform together to resolve the biggest portion of evidence to institute the right suspect for a strong prosecution. Willingly, investigation officers should aggressively contact laboratory personnel when questions arise about the cases because DNA evidence is sensitive.
Unfortunately, DNA evidence periodically is misplaced, destroyed, lost or mishandled, and the blame is usually aimed at the facilities where the evidence is stored. Moreover, biological evidence integrity failure results in dissatisfying prosecutions; all evidence must be collected and stored properly at law enforcement facilities. Consequently, agencies convey the conclusive responsibility to properly chronicle evidence of the collection process throughout the final base. Nevertheless, the failure to do so lowers the public’s beliefs in the criminal justice system to yield just outcome in civil and criminal affairs.
Biological evidence adverts to collecting samples of biological material such as bones, teeth, blood, hair, semen, saliva or other bodily fluids at a crime scene or from a person of interest. Accordingly, the biological evidence requires testing at a forensic laboratory and should be stored and maintained in their storage facility, until the trial begins. Biological evidence is greatly imperative in li...

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... In reality, extracting pubic hair should be done with disposable tools; pubic hair from a rape victim should be cut from the pubic area at the skin line with at least 15 to 20 full length hairs. At ease, cervical swabs should be done together with careful swabbing of the cervical area; the swabs should be dried before encasing.
Finally, there is several different ways to collect and preserve various types of biological evidence, such as rectum and oral swabs to collecting blood in 7 milliliter vacuum tubing, but all evidence must be properly cared for and collected with caution and care, sadly, it can easily be damaged even after it has been stored properly. Therefore, biological evidence should never be kept in a hot patrol car; it should be kept in a cool, dry environment, after it has made it to the crime laboratory as quickly as possible.


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