The Philosophical And Historical Foundation Of The American Political System

The Philosophical And Historical Foundation Of The American Political System

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Unit 1: what are the philosophical and historical foundation of the American political system?
Lesson 1 pg 3-10
One characteristic of the British colonies was that they had very diverse backgrounds.Few examples include the many different groups that came here for religious reasons such as the Puritans or Quakers, or the different languages such as the high population of German speaking people in Pennsylvania. Another characteristic was that it was a very rural area. Farming was the main job for these colonists as they had to produce food for their families. So it was very common to see lots of farms and livestock. One last characteristic was the separation. Because this was a newly found land the population was very low. This gave the settlers a lot of room to spread out across the land. Unlike today where people live together in neighborhoods, this was very uncommon.
The founding generation learned many important lessons from political theory and political history. Ancient political philosophers taught that human beings are naturally social creatures with obligations to each other and to their community. Greek and Roman history taught that although democracies may appear to begin well, they tend to end in disaster as the poor attack the rich. Natural rights theorists taught that people have natural rights that others must respect. English philosopher John Locke summarized them as as the right to life liberty and estate. All of these lessons shaped the way the founders thought and intern impacted the way our country was formed.
A limited government is a constitutional government with limited power because of the rules set forth by the constitution. There are checks and balances in place to make sure no one person or party has t...

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Unit 4: How have the values and principles embodied in the constitution shaped American institutions and practices?
Lesson 26 pg. 183-190
After the Revolutionary war states were the only units of government in the United States. They had complete governing authority over the people within their state lines. After the creation of the Articles of Confederation, States retain their “sovereignty freedom and independence”. Each state maintained a degree of sovereignty over its own form of government even with this overarching power. Under the Articles of Confederation, it gave the state 's self governing rights forming the United States of America. (WHY THOUGH)
state constitutions give legislatures power to create local governments, which recieve charters, or grants of authority, to carry out a wide range of governmental responsibilities.

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