Philippine Qualification Framework for Labor Essay

Philippine Qualification Framework for Labor Essay

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In October 1, 2012, President Benigno S. Aquino III signed the Executive Order No. 83 implementing the institutionalization of the Philippine Qualification Framework (PQF). This national policy describes the level of educational qualifications and sets the standards for qualification outcomes. The implementation of the PQF will greatly influence the personnel asset of the AFP, specially those with technical skill because of its competitiveness in the labor market. However, it will not greatly influence the AFP’s education and training system because most courses offered deals with military training.
The challenge over the next decade will be mainly affecting the work force of AFP considering that PQF is competency based, labor market driven and assessment based qualification recognition. Soldiers as any other ordinary Filipino workers are assured of rationalized and harmonized education system. According to Labor and Employment secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, “It will boost the national and international confidence of workers because of the quality of teaching, assessment, and the valid awarding of officially recognized qualification in the country.” 1(DOLE, 2013) The Filipino workers have a better chance in the international labor market. Alignment of Philippine qualification to international standards will support the mobility of workers here and abroad. In addition, PQF will open up opportunities for skilled labor and professionals to land in high paying careers available outside the country. The challenge is how will the AFP attract and maintain a good number of skilled soldiers.
This is a problem we are already experiencing in the Medical Corps. Even without PQF, most of our colleagues went into private practice or went abroa...

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...the AFP to maintain or to convince personnel with technical skills to stay in the service. PQF deals with package of competence, defining a particular function or job role, it covers the work activities required to undertake a particular job, and therefore it will address job skills mismatch. In addition, soldiers who choose to remain in the AFP will be having a high sense of nationalism and patriotism. In the AFP’s education and training system, this will enhance the competencies of trainers or instructors within the standard of the national education sector.

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