Compare And Contrast Educational System In The Philippines

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I’ve been exposed to two different, yet similar educational system in my life. The first one was in the Philippines, where I got my elementary and high school diploma from a Public School and my Bachelor Degree in Accountancy from a private Catholic College. The second one is here in the United States, when I studied in Skyline for a year in 2005 and came back this year after ten years of absence. In between those years, I graduated from a private school of Vocational Nursing. Both of them has almost the same curriculum and use English as a medium of instruction But their impact and influence in my life have been so different. Since the Philippine educational system was established under the control of the colonial governments of Spain and the United States, I grew up with a colonial mentality; looking to everything “American” as good and superior. But all of this colonial mindset started to crumble down when I became a part of the Skyline College school system, and been involved in ASTEP and KABABAYAN …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have been exposed to two different, yet similar educational systems in their lives. the first one was in the philippines, where they got their elementary and high school diploma from a public school and their bachelor degree in accountancy from an private catholic college.
  • Opines that the philippines should remain a sovereign country and change its educational system to promote strong self-determination and national identity.
  • Opines that re-annexation of the philippines to the united states can never solve the problems that these colonials themselves have created.
  • Recommends that tagalog be deleted from the philippine education system and let filipinos use their own national language as a chief medium of instruction in their sovereign country.
  • Opines that philippine education should cultivate world-class inventions and be supported by the government. the philippines is seventh among eight south east asian nations in education and ranked 69th among the 138 countries in educational system.

The Philippine government and private institutions should fully support the educational system hand in hand through implementation of polished education policies and programs, key systems reforms, improve the quality and equity of basic education, and to have accountability with full funding for building new schools, trainings for teachers, reformatted textbooks designed for Filipino students written in Philippine national language, and so on. Future leaders, businessmen, teachers, professionals, workers and parents are being trained and raised up in schools. I believe in our church’s principle, “Change the campus, Change the

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