Philip Larkin: The Vulgar Versifier Essay

Philip Larkin: The Vulgar Versifier Essay

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Mordant, morbid, and withdrawn, esteemed British poet, Philip Arthur Larkin manifests all extremes: from an Oxford alumnus to a jazz music junky, from a witty poet and novelist to the chief administrator of the Hull University library. As an English poet, novelist, and jazz critic, Larkin is well-known for his vulgar and explicit language, and candid point of view. Although his cynical tone is persistent throughout his writings, Larkin brings a tempering element to his melancholic writing: humor. He uses eccentric metaphors, controversial topics, and frank language. Despite the controversy of his writings, Larkin remains one of Britain's most popular poets. Larkin’s influence on contemporary poets continues to expand, and his poems and works are still cherished and discussed.
Before Philip Larkin’s became infamous for his crude writing style, he started out as an adolescent writer for his school newspaper. Born on August 9, 1922, in Coventry, England, Larkin attended King Henry VIII School between years 1930 and 1940. He wrote and edited articles for the school magazine, The Coventrian. Before entering college, some of Larkin’s poetry caught eye and became published in 1940. Continuing his love for writing, Larkin went to St. John’s College, Oxford, and graduated with First Class Honors in English in 1943. His love for reading and writing triggered a burning passion in Larkin that lasted his entire life. After graduation, Larkin was immediately appointed Librarian at Wellington, Shropshire; where he studied to become a professional librarian. Although he was extremely busy with his job and his studies, Larkin continued to write and publish poetry and novels.
Larkin’s first work of poetry called The North Ship, including ten poe...

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