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Imagine that one day your son or daughter get diagnosed with a terminal disease and the doctor tells you that you can try to use Gene Therapy to save them except it is an experiment so it might be risky. Even though this might not happen because it is a new technique and isn't funded for hospital use you can still have knowledge about it if you read this paper.
Gene Therapy is a process where they take healthy DNA or Stem Cells and use them on damaged or infected versions to make them healthy again. You might not know much about it because it doesn't have as much funds as many other things but it helps people get better in less time. I believe with Gene Therapy we can cure many of the illnesses in the world.
Treatments that include Gene Therapy are limited but here are a few. A tool called the "Skin Gun" uses healthy skin stem cells and when you spray them on burned cells it heals them in a matter of 3-4 days. In normal burned skin treatment they "grow" skin which takes a week or two. Scientists take DNA out of your body or another body and change them outside the body and then put...

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