Personal Statement : Pursuing A Psyd

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Pursuing a PsyD: A Personal Statement I sit across from a once vibrantly alive woman. When she smiles, the corners of her eyes crinkle, giving a glimpse of the times she has weathered. The many breathtaking adventures and crucial moments of life that she can not seem to grasp. It’s okay, I tell myself, I’ll remember them for her. I hold her hand and tell her about my day even though she does not quite know who I am. This woman is my mother. What a tragedy it would be if someone like her, or even I, were to feel alone in this world. She is the reason I want to make my mark on the world through psychology. My decision to become a psychologist was made around the age of 13. My family was a catalyst for this career goal. Many of them reside on a little island called Martha’s Vineyard. The small town community runs what could be the quickest gossip mill on the east coast. I watched my grandfather and countless elders fall to heart attacks yet my family never let themselves talk about their losses. It was the land of “cover it up” and “appearance is everything”; an emotional graveyard. Thi...

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