Personal Statement : Last Summer My Dad Essay

Personal Statement : Last Summer My Dad Essay

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Last summer my dad took a risk and made a dating profile. He went on dates, talked to many suitable candidates, and by Valentine’s Day was engaged. My entire family was shocked, and to be honest, not 100% supportive. We all had doubts, but there was not much anyone could do since she already had the ring on her finger. My aunts soon got over their suspicions the more they met his fiancé, and my grandma finally was going to have a daughter-in-law that she could spend her time with. The only people that were not going to give in to this rushed engagement were my sister and I.
There were many reasons why my sister and I were opposed to this engagement. The main reason was the fact that she was from Spain. We both had seen one too many shows on mail order brides, Catfishing, and of course woman marrying for a Visa. We did not trust her from the start, and we especially did not trust her when she refused to FaceTime with my dad. When my dad decided to go to Spain, even though he had never seen her besides pictures, we thought he had officially lost it. I was almost certain that he was going to be kidnapped at the airport and his kidneys would be sold on the black market. When he got there and sent me a picture of them together I was in total shock. She looked exactly like her pictures and nothing she had told him was false. She showed him all around Spain, and when he got back he was on cloud nine. It seemed like everything that came out of his mouth for the next couple months was about his girlfriend, Kat.
Soon enough, Kat and her two daughters came to visit my dad. The first time I met them I was completely taken back at how tiny they were. They are all under five feet, even with heels on, and so I literally towered over them. Th...

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...ade the situation even a bigger deal. After about an hour and a half talk we all made our way back out to the dinner. Before I could sit down again, Kat grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back bedroom. She told me I was making a huge deal out of nothing and that her daughters have it so much worse but they are not back here crying about it. I listened to her chew me out, and held back all my snarky remarks. The second the conversation was over I pretty much sprinted out of the bedroom and went back to where everyone else was.
I stayed and ate dinner to be polite, but the whole time I was desperately looking for a good time to make my exit. After about 15 minutes I was able to book it out of there with almost no one noticing. My three hours of unwanted attention, -were definitely not pleasurable, but almost a month has passed, and thankfully has not been brought up.

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