Personal Opinion Essay: The 1920s, A Hopeful Time to Live

Personal Opinion Essay: The 1920s, A Hopeful Time to Live

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I always envy going back to the 1920s in the USA. There are times when I feel miserable; there are even times when I lose sight of hope. When I feel that the obstacles in my life are insurmountable, going back to the 1920s might help me acknowledge what I am hoping for in my life. The 1920s was seemingly the most hopeful and exciting period to live in. With economic prosperity, the idea of the American dream, the change of women position in the society and all other events, Americans were more hopeful than ever.
In the 1920s, people used to hope immensely. The USA undergone the first economic prosperity since World War 1. Inflation had been controlled and most of the people could earn much more. People could afford manufactured goods such as washing machines and radios, which were only affordable by wealthy people in the past. About half of the American families owned a car as new production of car had been increasing. As the prosperity in Wall Street continued to increase, more people immigrated to New York from all parts of the country. Many of them believed the American dream of “anyone can hope for anything”. I am sure that everyone knows Jay Gatsby from the novel The Great Gatsby, who lived in a poor farmer’s family and became a millionaire by setting up business in New York. By immigrating to New York, people saw a glimpse of hope to get wealthy.
Besides benefiting from materialistic enjoyment, people also hoped for soul relaxation. People enjoyed driving and going on sprees, which were outings where people would drink and play wildly. Americans also enjoy more pricy leisure activities like going to the movies and attending enormous parties. On top of that, drinking is surely the major leisure of them all. With liquor p...

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...ut people in the 1920s, they all insist on chasing after their dreams. From people who hoped to earn much, to people who hoped to recover from the war, to women who strived for their rights although they saw less hope. Going back to the 1920s will surely inspire me to find my dreams and hope.
All in all, believe it or not, always have hope. From the aforementioned events happened in the 1920s, I can see that the reason for people succeeding was mainly due to their persistence of hope. People in the 1920s are not afraid of changes, while Hong Kongers are hesitant for changes. What I, or we, could learn from the “Roaring Twenties” is the never-failing insistence and assertiveness towards the future. It is time for us to find courage and to persist our hopes. Remember there is always a glimpse of hope ahead of you. Remember “once you choose hope, anything’s possible”.

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