Social Changes In The 1920's

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425 words

Events that occurred in the 1920s altered society greatly, becoming an important part of modern day reality. The way society thinks in the 1920s is quite similar to modern society, illustrated through the ideology of the “American Dream”. During the 1920s, people aspired to grow to their fullest through achieving a high social status, and wealth. Likewise, in modern society, people continue to carry this idea as they aspire to have a good job; earn money; and obtain a high social status. This idea of opportunity of prosperity and success has continued on into the modern society, having a great impact. These impacts are also visible through the lessons carried on from events that occurred in the 1920s. Many mistakes were made in this era which are …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the 1920s changed society, illustrating the american dream's influence on society.

This drug, however, is legalized in Canada. By legalizing this drug, the government is able to put restrictions on obtaining it, and the consumer can be safe from other toxicants that could have been added to it during the making process. This was able to occur due to the understanding of the lesson taught by the prohibition in the 1920s. Lastly, the 1920s created legacies that has changed the way society behaves. Individuality and freedom was dominant in this era which can be seen through the way people act. The 1920s created an idea of individual strength through the way one dresses, speaks, behaves, and one’s ideology. Women started to wear loose clothing; citizens began to behave the way they wanted to; and people started to idolize themselves more. This ideology that was born in this era has become a norm in today's society. Today, citizens are able to appreciate their individuality more. This way of thinking has been born from the 1920s and is a what one sees this era for. Therefore, the 1920s has altered society, creating multiple aspects of today's

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