Personal Narrative : A Good Sign Essay

Personal Narrative : A Good Sign Essay

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Felicity was grateful that she would be able to move around soon. For the time being she was safe. She could lie quietly and let her body adjust to its new position. Allowing the blood to circulate back to her arms and legs. Her ribs burned. This confirmed what she already knew, her ribs were cracked if not broken. She lain in the dirt listening intently to the labored breathing of whatever was down here with her. The fact that it was breathing albeit painfully was a good sign. How badly it was hurt she did not know. Without any light she was not going to be able to see the extent of its injuries. Nor would she be able to prevent infection from setting in with the damp, dirt floor. Sleep threatened to overtake her. She could not remember the last time she had laid down to go to sleep. Her mind and body had always been on alert, never knowing when Mathias would come and torture her again. For the first time in a long time she was at peace, she felt a calm she had not felt in a very long time. This unsettled her. Something had changed, but she could not quite figure out what it was. There was a change in Mathias. She had felt it, something about it made her uneasy. Sleep was just beginning to engulf her when she heard it. An anguished sound. Her mind was hyper alert and her body tensed. She laid still, barely breathing, waiting for that sound again. It had raised the hair on the back of her neck. What could it have been? She could not tell if it had been human or animal. Felicity listened intently ... there it was again. It was soft, barely audible, but definitely a whimper. This time it registered in her brain who her visitor was. Dear God No!! Not Chad! Felicity knew every sound that child made by heart. There were some things a m...

... middle of paper ... Her mind coming fully awake she realized it was Chad screaming in terror. "I 'm here baby. It 's OK." Her hand reached out and touched the cloth wrapped around her son.
"Calm down, it 's OK, momma 's got you." The rest she had gotten was enough to regain her strength. She pulled herself up and sat next to the wrapped form that was her son. "Chad listen to me. Where does it hurt honey?" She tried to feel for the opening of the covering.
"My head hurts Momma." His voice was quite and weak with pain.
"Does it hurt anywhere else?"
"Momma I 'm scared."
"I know baby, but it 's going to be OK." She knew it was going to be alright she was never going to let anyone hurt her son again. She was going to get them out of here. But first she had to figure out how badly he was hurt. "Chad, does it hurt anywhere else."
"My arms hurt Momma. I can 't move my arms."

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