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I am satisfied with what I have become; a student specializing in Physics with special interests in experimental Condensed Matter Physics. I grew up in a very small town. A town not fully developed; there were very few resources and not many quality schools to acquire a solid education. I had to pass an entrance exam to get into a good school for 8th grade at a time when most students in my town would drop out of school after 7th grade in order to search for work and support their families.

My parents could not complete their undergraduate studies because they had to work to support their families, but their emphasis on the importance of education, their dedication and massive effort inspired me to search for the highest education possible. My family has sustained me throughout my education as best as they can.
My high school days made me more independent and resourceful because I had to balance the challenges of commuting three hours daily plus studying in order to earn good grades. I was also an active member in various school activities such as, basketball, badminton, and various community events. I also acted as a leader for my high school basketball team for state level competition. With hard work and continuous dedication, I earned many awards in high school for my preeminent performance in the fields of science. I was one of 30 students, out of 80, who graduated from high school in my class.

Since childhood, I have been drawn to scientific activities and inventions that amaze me so my family and friends have always encouraged me to enhance my intellect by giving me different scientific puzzles, articles and books. With the course of time, I sensed a keen interest in science and decided to choose it as my career. I...

... middle of paper ... the conviction to deliver a true spirit of teamwork to the study group and school community.

The more I know, the more I seek. My acceptance to your university will increase my wanderlust to go deeper into unanswered questions and unexplored realms. My academic, extra-curricular and, social endeavors have firmly established my trust in the scientific canon. They have helped me appreciate and inculcate the values like quest for knowledge, courage to question, systematic reasoning, open-mindedness and team spirit.

I have been working on experimental research for almost four years now. I believe that a few years from now, my abilities, creativity, effectiveness, hard work, interest, research skills (especially in experimental Condensed Matter Physics) and motivation will enable me to become a successful independent experimentalist and pleased individual.

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