The Persecution Of Witches During The 17 Century Essay examples

The Persecution Of Witches During The 17 Century Essay examples

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The persecution of witches in the 17 century has always been associated with women, as they were link

to magical, and healing powers but mostly that they were linked to the devil. This believe also showed

an intolerance for going against religions beliefs and moral conduct.

In a time when males dominated this was a popular inherited patriarchal tradition. Men in the 17th

century held positions of power and authority such as; head of families, business, and landowners, as

women back then had no potential for self-determination, participation or opportunities, as they had to

be confined to rigid social roles. A woman’s role was constantly defined by her relation to the men in her

life, as she was a daughter, a wife, a mother, her role in the community she lived in, as she was never

simply a woman. Women were persecuted, hunted and burned at the stake because they thought they

were witches, capable of harm, injuring people and having access to supernatural power. They were also

looked at with suspicion and believed to be less intelligent and inferior to men, therefore unable to

contribute nothing more than to be housewives and have children. The reason for this believed has to

do with the fact that women knew about anatomy, as they took care of sick people, botany, they had

knowledge of plant remedies for healing, sexuality, as they were sexual, love and childbirth, as they help

with childbirth, and abort, practices. Many of these women were healers, midwives, alchemist, who

began to build knowledge and therefore were considered a threat, as many were feared by men,

however, their skills were considered criminal acts. The fact that many of these women lived alone in

the forest, they were independent, so they earned t...

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...s of patriarchy the assertion that women’s biological inferiority is proven by her reasoning a

perpetuated by many world religions, including Christianity, the marginalization of women. Women are

subject to their social environment, women are subjected to the patriarchal system. The disempowering

and subordinating effect of gender bias, discrimination, sexism, and gender stereotypes is antithetical to

this value. The oppression of women can be seen as an issue of gender, attitudes that foster stereotypes

of social roles based on sex. Sexism is perpetuated by systems of patriarchy where male-dominated

structures and social arrangements elaborate the oppression of women. It is the recognition that there

are differences between the lives of men and women based on their experiences throughout their

lifespan especially that in how gender roles socialization occurs.

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