The Performance, Football Game, Fundraising, And School Of Conduct Essay

The Performance, Football Game, Fundraising, And School Of Conduct Essay

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Musical performance, football game, fundraising, they are the spices to enrich students’ college experience; yet the main ingredient that creates the uniqueness for students is freedom. College students are not restricted in expressing themselves under the protection of the First Amendment, “freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble” (“First Amendment”). Students are given the rights to participate in any kind of protest on campus. However, it is a sensitive issue whether students should be permitted to perform expressive activity within the school. In West Chester University, students find protest disrupts the process of learning since student’s organization uses extreme methods in order to gain public awareness. The behavior that students conduct during protest can affect other students’ performance in school and safety. These negative impacts are the results of the violation of “Disruptive Conduct, Harassment, and Intimidation” in the School of Conduct (“Ram’s Eye View”). West Chester University administrations should designate a room on campus for students that want to protest specifically to deliver their message because it helps to maintain the peaceful environment for every single students in the school.
Protest is an aggressive movement that needs to be well organized. In West Chester University, a student named Joseph Deegan was disturbed by the gruesome image of dead fetus when an anti-abortion group was protesting on campus (Deegan). Students can feel physically sick from the image because not everyone can withstand looking at a picture of an organ. In West Chester University, a higher percentage of student feel offended after seeing the revolting message because more college ...

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...with the visual presentation. The university offers tools in an effort to support students having the freedom of speech.
A small modification on dealing with protest on campus can stabilize the university’s status. The school cannot suppress the students’ right to express themselves but the school is obligated to provide a healthy environment for students to pursue their education. During an agitated protest, part of the student body will be less motivated and perform worse than usual in class. As an alteration, West Chester University should adopt the proposal because it is the quickest and most economical way to protect the students’ freedom of speech and minimize the number of students being affected. The decrease in distraction helps to raise students’ academic performance. The regulation improves the university’s quality by creating an organized community.

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