Perception Is The Second Stage Of Perception Essay

Perception Is The Second Stage Of Perception Essay

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Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through our senses. There are different stages of this process of how we respond to the stimuli of perceiving; I will be explaining some of these various stages in this paper and how they have applied to me throughout my life and the effect on the different ways I have perceived things. Attending and selecting is the first stage, this includes using visual, auditory tactile and olfactory senses. We have to make a choice and decide what we want to focus on; this makes us categorize the important things from the unimportant. Organizing is the second stage of perception. It is impossible as Homo sapiens to process everything that we are bombarded with the constant flow of information, so our minds use mental shortcuts to help us better understand, what is called heuristics. We need these shortcuts to help us not get stuck on every little thing we encounter (Let’s get personal.p54.). This stage helps to categorize stimuli to make sense of it. Interpreting and retrieving are the last stages, after all, the other stages now we can interpret them and extract information.
I grew up in a very religious home with certain biases to the worldly things. We didn’t drink, smoke or use profane language. We had a routine, and I interpreted the smell of dinner at 5:30 pm every night meant that dad was home from work and the smell of freshly brewed coffee at 6 am, told me the house was up and ready for work and school. These didn’t primarily mean they were bad perceptions it just meant that this was my perception at a young age of how families should live. I have carried these rituals through to adulthood although many times were falling short of my understanding of ...

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... they loved opened my eyes to how I was raised. And the ultimate lack of communication that there were more sides to the issue besides my own parent’s influences and perception.
From all these life experiences and influences they have had on me. I plan to change my ways of perception. I plan on doing this by not only professional help but by continuing to do perception checks. I will describe the behavior, Interpret what I think that behavior may mean. I will clarify the behavior and interpretation. I am naturally optimistic, and I choose to look for the good in every situation regardless of the horrible situations I have been through to skew my perception of life.

Jones, A. Todd. Let 's Get Personal!: Creating Successful Relationships through Effective Interpersonal ... Communication. Place of Publication Not Identified: Kendall Hunt, 2015. Print.

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