Theories Of Piaget's Theory Of Human Development

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Theories of human development Introduction Human development is a complex process with a series of stages that progressively proceeds in a more or less similar manner among different individuals. Right from conception to death, humans are in the process of developing. Different studies that have been conducted on human development show clear-cut similarities and differences among individuals of different ages, gender, ethnical backgrounds, organizations and many other aspects of concern. Individuals and groups of people have really devoted their time to trying to understand the consistency and changes throughout the lifespan. The major aim of the researches and studies that have been done is, “to identify factors that influence…show more content…
Piaget presents the argument based on the influence of nature on the development of human intelligence. According to this theory, children actively contract knowledge as they manipulate and explore the world. Based on the principle of adaptation, the theory asserts that just as the body is adapted to fit the environment, it so does the structures of the mind to fit the mind. To Piaget, development is a progressive reorganization of mental processes resulting from biological maturation and environmental experiences. It is, therefore, clear that the theory puts emphasis on the importance of the environment in nurturing children. Piaget believed that children construct an understanding of the world around them, experience disparities between what they already know and what they discover in their surrounding and then adjust their ideas as the need may arise. Parents should, therefore, maintain a stable, but yet varied and exciting environment for children to fully explore and unfold the inborn or rather biological…show more content…
The human mind is viewed as a symbol-manipulating system through which information flow. According to information processing theory, the information that comes from the environment is subject to mental processes beyond a simple stimulus-response pattern. The input from the environment passes through the cognitive systems which are then measured by the output. The information that is received may take several pathways depending on attention, encoding, recognition, and storage. The theory focuses on actual time responses to stimuli presented and how the mind transforms that information. Most important in this theory is that humans process information rather than perceive

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