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The People of the Shadows
Why care for the workers? Why would someone such as you or I care for those who make our shoes or our cell phones? Many choose not to care for these people. Simply think they are but shadows that require not food to eat or bed to sleep. Others choose to no ignore these workers. People such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have contemplated this question much and have tried to bring the lives of these shadows into the light. Yet these great minds of the 19th century failed to totally answer the question of why one should care about the workers. Thus causing the question to persist into our time. Prompting yet another man to contemplate and try to address this question, Kazuo Ishiguro in his book Never Let Me Go. However he attempts to view this question from a perspective, replacing workers with clones and production with the donation of organs.
While reading Friedrich Engels’s work The Condition of the Working Class in England for my Modern European History class I was first struck by the similarity between Engels descriptions of the working class of England in 1844. Namely how they grow up and live in deplorable conditions, how the population outside of their world cares little for them and how those who would advocate for them are few and in many cases lack the ability to make any lasting difference. Not only is this true of the donors in the world of Never Let Me Go as well as in the factors of nineteenth century England, but it still persists in our world in the third world factories of India, Indonesia, and China. Where workers are subject to the same conditions and we as consumers are now faced with the question faced by the readers of Never Let Me Go and the people and philosophers of old, why...

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...groups are treated so poorly is because people never like to know the truth behind what they love. You don’t want to know that your shoes were assembled by a child in India working for pennies per month. The people of the book don’t want to know that someone died to give them an organ. And your for bearers wouldn 't have wanted to know that people toiled in squalor and in a state second only to slavery to make the textiles for the clothes they wear. In short, by keeping the suffering and terrible plight of all these people in the shadows it is only then that we can enjoy and use the products to which we have become accustomed to using without hating ourselves for doing so. Thus making the people described in Never Let Me Go and in Engels The Condition of the Working Class in England, as well as those who toil in the third world factories to forever be but shadows.

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