The Path to the Future: Science or Religion? Essay

The Path to the Future: Science or Religion? Essay

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Religion is a concept that has been around us ever since we first became self-aware. Whenever the first human realized that there were: earthquakes, heavy winds, volcanoes, and tornadoes, humans immediately tried to find an explanation for it and at the end they decided that only a god could do such things. This was the creation of religion. Throughout the ages, humans developed different beliefs and explanations for seemingly inexplicable things and thus several different types of religions appeared. In the other hand, in recent years we have studied the universe and the world through science. We have reached a point in which we are capable of explaining the origin of the universe, origin of life on earth, evolution of life on earth and the cause for natural disasters. Although science and Religion might seem like two completely different things, the only way where the human race can leap to new horizons is through the unification of both ideas into one.
Science tries to make sense of everything that’s around us. With science we were able to understand things from the origin of the universe to the end of the universe. The study of science is the quality that I most remarkable on mankind, the fact that we try to explain something that we shouldn’t understand is simply mind boggling. Scientists seek answers deeper than just saying “because God wanted to.” This doesn’t mean that religion is bad or that science is more important, instead it means that science is the logical explanation of God’s work. Both ideas don’t have to constantly fight each other but rather make them coexists. A perfect example of such fusion between science and religion would be the theistic evolution theory, in the words of Francis Collins, author of The Lan...

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