The Partition Plan For Palestine Essay

The Partition Plan For Palestine Essay

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The partition plan for Palestine that was adopted by the UN in 1947 was disastrous; rather than solving the conflict, it exacerbated the problem. This partition plan created a massive refugee crisis, the loss of Palestinian Arab identity, ongoing war between Israel and the Arab states, and tremendous political instability in the Middle East. Essentially, the partition plan should have never been enacted. Instead, a plan which joined both sides in a common goal and allowed all parties to maintain political power should have been implemented. A modified version of the 1947 proposal for a federal solution would have decreased the future violence in the conflict because it would have balanced the power dynamics by giving both Palestinian Arabs and the Jewish population agency, and it would have forced the two groups to cooperate in order to help their shared nation succeed.
By enacting the federal solution, there would have been less fighting because the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs would have been forced to work together to establish a functioning government. The minority plan that was proposed in 1947 suggested the creation of an Arab state and a Jewish state, and an overall federal government in charge of “‘national defense, foreign relations, and immigration’” (Ginat 204). In a modified version of this plan, there would be multiple states for each group in order to ensure that the power would not culminate in only one state, or with only one group. The federal system of government would guarantee local autonomy for the states, so that their respective populations could have political power over their own lives with regards to domestic affairs. Foreign policy and national defense should be shared between the Jews and the Arabs, ...

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...d have the ability to self-govern their local affairs in a federal system. On the international level, they would be forced to work together in order to establish a successful nation. There would undoubtedly be conflict, but it could probably be solved in a more diplomatic manner. Yet, the federal solution was never enacted, and now it is too late. After years of ongoing conflict between Israel and other Arab nations (and later Palestine), there is little hope for the unification of Jews and Arabs in Palestine. The partition plan created disparities and divisions between the Jews and the Arabs, and these walls solidified as the conflict continued. Currently, it would be difficult to integrate Palestine and Israel, so there needs to be a new solution to the conflict. A solution that will respect the rights of everyone involved, and that will finally end the violence.

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