Parents Should Not Be Mandatory License Essay

Parents Should Not Be Mandatory License Essay

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Welcome to the 21st century!Where everything requires a license! Doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, candymakers, stylists, the list go on! It seems like every job requires some sort of card giving them permission to fulfill their vocation. There is a multitude of people who question that the more important jobs do not require a license, whereas the less important ones do. Many parents bring up the valid point that so many other things require a license, so why not something as important as parenting? The question is; if so many people bring this up, how come nobody has done anything about it? Parents should not be required to get a license to become parents, because it is against the rights given to us at birth, it sets unnecessary standards to incoming parents, and it would give the government another thing under their control to manipulate.
People should not be entailed to get a license to become parental units because it sets unnecessary standards to those who are and are about to be parents. Parents should not be told exactly how to be parents. Advice and tips are different than mandatory classes that somebody for parenting licenses would say. If parenting licenses became mandatory, the population of people who actually should take the class will not go, and the ones who have good, natural parenting skills will attend. Therefore, licensing parents will be difficult to implement and irrational. Let’s look from a parent’s point of view. If you have a child on the way you have a variety of worries already on your mind. Such as payment plans, spatial needs, basic necessities, but mostly whether you are fit to be this kid’s parent. Whether you are good enough for the job. I personally, hate being told I am not good enough for ...

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...given her back to her mother, she will be seventeen years old. With memories about being alone in the world during one of the hardest times growing up. With memories of being motherless. Then what has the government done? They have screwed up a potential relationship, and basically ruined this poor girl’s childhood. Therefore, the government will cause more damage than positive outcomes by issuing a license to be the greatest job in the world.
Licensing parents are like requiring a license to purchase items from the grocery store. It is ridiculous because it should be available to everyone as it is. “Furthermore-OverAll-Together,”
Parents should not be held accountable to receive a license because it opposes the rights we were promised, it sets undesired limitations on free will parenting, and it gives the government too much hands-on jurisdiction on people’s lives.

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