Paranormal Activity and Ghost Stories Essay

Paranormal Activity and Ghost Stories Essay

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Boo! Get your attention? Although, a ghost is not likely to use this form of language (if they exist) but, most paranormal investigators would love to hear some form of communication from a ghost. The topics about ghosts are still as popular today as they were several years ago. People often sit around and tell stories about the unexplained bumps, footsteps, dark lurking figures experienced in many of their homes or hotels. Never mind that the house is probably settling, or an appliance is malfunctioning. The easiest explanation is to cast it off as the occupant that used to live in the house, and died a violent death, is now causing misery for the entire family. For years, movies and television have gained popularity from the tales of the other side. There are even television shows currently running where paranormal investigators are going to popular haunted venues and recording the paranormal activities.
In an article published by Y’All magazine, Author, Mereith Dabbs’ piece entitled “the Haunted South”, sets out to identify some haunted locations across the American South. This article seems more of an advertisement, but she cleverly adds some body to the sales pitch to create interest in the article. Dabbs opening statement is her thesis, “Spooks, haunts, spirits, apparitions, and ghosts…no matter what you call them, and they’re all just as mysterious and unexplainable…!” (p.1 2007). Essentially, the argument she has established is the probable existence of ghosts. The audiences for this article are mainly people with an interest in the American south, most notably people with a paranormal curiosity. She establishes credibility with the people who believe in the supernatural by providing locations to visit wh...

... middle of paper ...

...ide any true ghost stories. This article was

disappointing to read because the author tricks his audience into a certain realm only to switch gears and talk about something else.
Ghost stories have been around for generations and will remain for generations to come. Television is making ghost chasing a popular subject and a person can virtually plan a vacation at a haunted location having the opportunity to experience to witness paranormal activity.

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