Essay Palestine and Jewish Problem

Essay Palestine and Jewish Problem

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The Jewish problem is an important case not only Palestine but including Jewish; they occupied Palestine land and force them to leave their land therefore Jewish was able to support of Brittan at that time to create Israelis state. British has the important role of creating Israel because of Balfour Declaration British protections believe that by backing the Zionist movement could bring support of Jewish people in both Russia and Unite State for proposing of war. However, the Arab was against the declaration.
The Jew is believed that by creating a state for Jews could solve their problem and unite them under one nationalism and identity that the main ideology of Zionism movement and to establish a new state to Jewish. In contrast, the Jewish problem was not solved because of the long history need to analysis to find out the real problem in this case, the problem begins when Untie nation divided Pales
In 1947 between Arabs and Jews both sides were against this plan. As a result of that many conflict arose between them and bring many tragedies and misery to Palestine citizen and Jews therefore the Jewish problem were not solved by creating Israelis state, At least when Jews used to live on state as a minority they had lived in peace without war
Based in evidence Israel state create to emerge new problem, one of these problems is Palestine Refugees, instability in the Middle East region and a violation of Palestinian rights .This further shows by the fact that Israel state not solve Jewish only but reveals a lot of problems regarding the Palestine cause and raise a lot of conflicts between the two parties (Jewish and Palestine).
To begin with the Israeli state created problem many of the Palestine citizen by leaded them to immi...

... middle of paper ...

...blems to the Middle East region than before.
Eban argument is to Arab government should put a solution for a refugee problem in the Middle East. First of all, Arab nation in recent year has been rising in economic aspect in the Middle East , that can help Arabs nation to develop , this advantage of increasing of economic and revenues can help refugee to create a new life and support them by letting them take jobs in government companies or private sector. Secondly, Rostow recommendation in May 21, 1966 that regard Palestine refugee problem is by allowing the Palestine refugee to return back to Israel, in two conditions one of these conditions is annual quotes and second security screening. In addition Israelis must restitution Palestine by giving them a new place to stay and new houses, The Rostow solution was supported Arab ideology of Palestinian rights to return.

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