Essay on The Palace Of Versailles By Louis Xiv

Essay on The Palace Of Versailles By Louis Xiv

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When Louis XIII built his hunting lodge on the hillside of Versailles in 1623 , I suspect he never imaged the true master piece of French Baroque architecture it would become and that it would continue live throughout history in all its glory, almost viewed as a physical timeline of the history of France. Versailles was the seat of absolute monarchy and became its own symbol, it became the physical representation for power. Looking past its extensive historical background, the palace of Versailles has such a complex architectural and artistic influence as nearly four generations of French king royals have lived in the palace continually expanding and renovating it to match the current styles and inspirations of that era. In creating Versailles, King Louis XIV was able to house the entire royal court and was able to exercise greater control over his nobles and completely distance himself from the rising anguish for French people for the monarch seen and felt in Paris. By amalgamating the rich history and grandeur art and architecture of the palace, you have on the outskirts of Paris, one of the greatest remaining examples of royal opulence and power. By closely analysing the chateaus art and design you gain a different understanding in how the history in this particular era unfolded. The Palace of Versailles became the symbol of the absolution and decadence of the ancient Regime and the French monarch and truly conceived the way Louis XIV “the sun king ” wished to represent power for his court.
Although it is known that the palace of Versailles was created by King Louis XIV, its foundation of the palace starts long before then in 1623 when King Louis XIII underwent construction to build a royal hunting lodge made of brick and st...

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...t and themes throughout signify the royal position in the world and the power they hold in the state .
This history of Versailles is one of the richest, it has a long line of influential rulers that have truly shaped France to what it is today but beneath all of the paintings and grand architecture is the elaborate honey pot installed by the King to control his court. He was able to convince over 2,000 people that he was the monarch by divine right and the king that was a representative of God on earth. This power that Louis XIV had over the court was the real master piece at Versailles as everyone living there were under this illusion of opulence and luxury enabling the royals to control them like stringed puppets. Now standing in the heart of the city of Versailles is a grand symbol of exquisite architecture and visual art that has truly stood the test of time.

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