Overview of the Human Herpesvirus 1 Essay

Overview of the Human Herpesvirus 1 Essay

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The Human Herpesvirus 1 is a member of the Herpesviridae family and belongs to the genus virus. The origin of the word “herpes” comes from the Greek meaning “to creep”. This is such a fitting description for a virus that causes sores which creep and spread across the skin of an infected individual. Cases of sores caused by the Herpes virus have been recorded as far back as 400 BC. Included with the common cold virus and influenza, the Herpes virus is a prominent origin of human viral disease. The Herpes virus is efficient at causing apparent disease symptoms, or it can be a master of camouflage and remain dormant for years, only to be revived and manifest its painful symptoms. A person infected with this virus can expect its expressions over their lifetime. Over 95% of the adult population is infected with some form of the human herpes virus.(1)

The Herpes virus is anywhere between 125 nm and 200 nm in diameter with an icosahedral capsid encased in an envelope. Unlike the typical plasma membrane which is the origin of many viruses, the Herpes virus has an organelle membrane. The surface of the envelope is scattered with distinct spikes. Beneath the envelope are rows of proteins called tegument, which fill the space between the capsid and the envelope. This encompasses the viral-encoded proteins and enzymes linked to the start of replication. The virus’ capsomere forms the shape of an “O” with a diameter of 100 nm to 200 nm. The genome of the virus’ double-stranded DNA that is linear with about 125 to 290 kilobase pairs and can encode anywhere between 170 and 200 proteins. (2)

Upon infection, the Herpes virus will bond to either neurons or epithelial cells. When determining a cell-host to bind to, the spikes on the ...

... middle of paper ...

...tments are being used to relieve some of the painful symptoms associated with the virus. Certain medications are decreasing the overall number of outbreaks as well as helping to shorten the time it takes to heal and to minimize the pain caused by an outbreak.

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